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[EU Ship No TAX] Genuine VOLVO 88890180 (VCAD) AUTO DIAGNOSTIC INTERFACE (88890020 + Yellow Protection) Truck Diagnostic for Volvo/Renault Support Multi-languages SHIPPING FROM EU

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Brand Volvo
Manufacturer reference B00UAASDKO
Manufacturer Part Number B00UAASDKO
Folding No

Type: Engine Analyzer
Power: standard
Applicable Models: for Volvo
Place of Origin: UK
Model Number: Volvo 88890180
Warranty: 1 Years
function::Volvo diagnostics tool for trucks
Delivery: fast
Technical support:Good

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    VOLVO 88890180 (VCAD) AUTO DIAGNOSTIC INTERFACE (88890020 + Yellow Protection) Truck Diagnostic for Volvo/Renault Support Multi-languages MADE IN EU | SHIPPING FROM EU


    Volvo 88890180 (VCAD) specification:

    Operating temperature range: -40 to +85°C.
    Storage temperature range: -40 to +125°C.

    Volvo 88890180 (VCAD) supported languages:

    English, Czech, Danish, German, Spahish, French, Italian, Hungarian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Serbian, Slovenian, Turkish,  Russian.


    Volvo 88890180 (VCAD) description:

    Volvo 88890180 Interface is developed for Volvo/Mack vehicles and egnines and enables PC to vehicle communication via a USB cable or by wireless LAN using the 802.11 b/g standard.

    Volvo 88890180 Interface has a number of different coloured LEDs, which show the status of the communication unit and indicate warnings, etc.

    How to connect Volvo Interface 88890180 to vehicle

    Via USB-cable

    1. Connect the communication unit to the vehicle.
    2. Connect the USB-cable between the communication unit and the PC.
    3. Select communication unit 88890180 and USB-cable setting in window Alternative.

    Directly to the communication unit

    Note: Your PC must have Wireless LAN 802.11b/g adapter and support 128-bit WEP encryption. The WEP-key is generated automatically and is not seen during the configuration.
    1. Connect Volvo 88890180 (VCAD) interface to the vehicle.
    2. Select communication unit 88890180 and Direct to communication unit in window Alternative.

    Via an access point

    Note: Contact the local IT-support or network technician before installation.
    1. Connect Volvo 88890180 (VCAD) interface to the vehicle.
    2. Select communication unit 88890180 and Via an access point in window Alternative.

    Volvo 88890180 (VCAD) vehicle list:


    AC, FM10, NH565, FH12, FM12, VHD, FH16, FM7, VN, WC, WG, WI, FH565, NH12, FL6,FL7, FL10, FL12, NH525, WX, COMP04, FE, VHD, FH, FM, VM, FM9, F10, F12 , F16, NL10, NL12
    VOLVO BUSES: B10B, B10M, B10L, B10R, M10R, B12, B58, B6, B7R, OLYMPIAN, SUPEROLY


    Wheel loader: L110E, L110F, L120E, L120F, L150E, L150F, L180E, L180F, L220E, L220F, L330E, L350F, L60E, L60F, L70E, L70F, L90E, L90F
    Articulated Hauler: A25D, A25E, A30D, A30E, A35D, A35E, A40D, A40E, T450D
    Excavator: EC135B, EC140B, EC140C, EC160B, EC160C, EC180B, EC180C, EC210B, EC210C, EC235C, EC240B, EC240C, EC290B, EC290C, EC330B, EC330C, EC360B, EC360C, EC460B, EC460C, EC700C, EC700B, EC700C, ECR145C, ECR235C, ECR305C, EW140B, EW140C, EW145B, EW145C, EW160B, EW160C, EW180B, EW180C, EW200B, EW210C, FC2121C, FC2421C, FC2924C, FC3329C, PL4611
    Grader: G710B, G720B, G726B, G730B, G740B, G746B, G780B, G930, G940, G946, G960 ,G970, G976, G990
    Compact Excavator: ECR88

    RENAULT TRUCKS (with DXi engines):




    We offer original Volvo 88890180 (VCAD) interface, we don’t sell any low-quality chinese copies. To ensure our customers that our devices are high quality, we provide 1 year of full warranty . So if you have any problem with Volvo 88890180 (VCAD) interface, please contact our technical support department and we will do all our best to repair the device.

    Manufacturer’s website


    Diagnostic scanner Volvo VCAD

    The diagnostic scanner Volvo VCAD is for the service of trucks, construction and special equipment as well as Volvo and Mack engines.
    The device has replaced the old Volvo VCADS adapter that only works through the COM port. The scanner is connected via a USB port which provides a reliable and fast connection.
    The device is designed for harsh working conditions on the road where the service station and the manufacturer provide a shock-resistant rubber housing.

    Supported operations:
    • Read and Clear Errors
    • Replace control units
    • Calibration
    • Speed ​​limit setting
    • Air Suspension Setting
    • Display of current values
    • Chassis number change
    • Disable immobilizer • Diagnosis of
    • Diagnosis of actual block readings
    • Display of error codes description
    • And others

    Package Includes:
    • Volvo Vocom Scanner
    • 8-pin cable
    • USB cable
    • OBD2 cable

    o Premium TechTool 1.12, VCADS 2.40
    o Volvo Impact 2013
    o Volvo Developer Tool