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Original MB Star C5 SD Connect C5 +Diop with SSD super speed free update for 1 Year V2021.06

PRICE: €1,800 EUR

Rated: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Item specifice

Special Features: Wifi
Power: w
Model Name: Star C5 ⭐️
Hardware Version: Best quality mb star c5
Software Version: 2021. 06 Item
Height: 25inch

Electronic: Yes
Item Type: Car Diagnostic Cables and Connectors
Material Type: Plastic
Item Length: 25inch
Item Width: 25inch
Item Weight: 7kg

Voltage: 24v

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    Original MB Star C5 SD Connect C5 +Diop with SSD super speed free update for 1 Year V2021.06


    Product Description

    Benz c5 can provide complete diagnosis for the newest hybrid W222. And it has a property improvement in hardware and software by authorization of diagnostic interface to control the software.

    Xentry Connect (VCI+) Technical Parameters:

    1.OS: Windows Embedded Standard 7 (32bit)

    2.Processor: ArrandaieCeleron P4500 oder P4505 (38W TDP)

    3.Memory: 4G hard disk with 256GB SSD

    4.Display: 128*64 PX

    5.Battery: 40 minutes (When CPU capacity to 60%)

    6.Weight: 2KG

    7.Network connection: WLAN: IEEE802.11 a/b/g/n2.4+5GHZ

    The way to connect: support wireless connection via 1000M workshop switches, also support wired connection.


    What the difference on diagnostic systems based on Xentry Connect from other equipment used to diagnose Mercedes cars?

    What are its distinguishing features?

    Hardware, despite the similarity of many solutions with multiplexers SDConnect –
    but the different All diagnostic software is loaded into the Xentry Connect multiplexer itself.
    The management software can be installed on any computer with Windows 7 – 32-bit or Windows 8 – 32-bit And serve only for communication with the multiplexer
    The licensing system is reworked – now licenses are stored on MB servers – Any license changes are tracked by the multiplexer when connected to the Internet network.

    Why should buy Xentry connect

    After 2015, all Star Diagnosis equipment is no longer supported. First of all, this means that there is no update of the diagnostic data for the newest cars and their systems, as well as the lack of the possibility of coding and programming of electronic units Due to the backlog of the software data level in the device, from data in the electronic control units of the car.
    Already at the end of 2014, at most dealerships, almost all of the previously used Star Diagnosis Compact4 with SDConnect DoIP multiplexers were only completely removed. Instead, dealers received Xentry Kit kits, which include the latest Xentry Connect multiplexers and Xentry Tab tablets from Panasonic Tablets are custom-made, although they also have a “civilian” version – the Panasonic Toughbook CF-D1, somewhat inferior in terms of battery life to the original Xentry Tab, but it has a much more powerful configuration.
    Honestly, the need To use the Xentry Tab on non-dealer services seems somewhat exaggerated to me. With dealers everything is clear – they were forced to use this equipment.
    And what about workshop service? Undoubtedly, the tablet from Panasonic is not very bad … But … Its price is disheartening. The cost of the Japanese tablet is realistic to buy pieces of eight new laptops or tablets from other manufacturers.

    So , we suggest buy Xentry connect from us , then buy a laptop yourself . the software from which Xentry Connect is managed can be installed without any problems on any computer that has a 32-bit version of Windows 7, Windows 8 or Windows 10. It’s clear with Xentry Connect itself – there’s no alternative .

    After all, in this choice there are many reasons that encourage one to make a decision. The main thing is one: since 2015, the diagnostic multiplexer Xentry Connect C5 becomes the only one used at dealerships.
    Thus, by purchasing this equipment, you do not lag behind the progress. You use in your work the best that is available today. Each your client, seeing with his own eyes that you in your work use the same device that he saw at the dealer’s service station, will understand that he made the right decision entrusting his car to your specialists.

    MB SD Connect Compact 5 Star Diagnosis with WIFI for Cars and Trucks Multi-Langauge


    New MB Compact 5 Features

    1. New MB SD Connect Compact 5 Star Diagnosis support wireless diagnose;

    2. New MB SD Connect Compact 5 Star Diagnosis not only support K line diagnose and CAN BUS,but also UDS diagnose protocol. Because old MB STAR C4 main board do not have UDS chip, so old MB STAR C4 can not support it;

    3. Multiplexer now use Lan cable to connect

    4. Connector adopt Military quick swap technology, it can support 10,000 times pull plug, more stable;

    5. All core accosseries adopt original new packing chip, and 24hours test, guarantee the quality of the products;


    MB SD C5 Language:

    English, Bulgarian, Danish, Greek, Spanish, French, Italian, Korean, Polish, Romanian, Serbo-Croatian,

    Turkish, Czech, German, Finnish, Hungaria, Japanese, Dutch, Portuguese, Russian, Swedish, Chinese

    201712 1 (2)
    Germany Customized Inflatable Bumper Ball Game Bubble Adult Grass CE supplier

    OFF-LINE CODING IS ALSO POSSIBLE (online is, per time fee)

    All cables are the latest versions with full support.

    We are an established company.

    Free technical support available by appointment.

    All software will be pre-installed for you.
    The system is built to order and delivered READY TO USE. 

    All cables supplied will be brand new.

    We supply all manner of diagnostics setups

    for cars and trucks.

    Contact us if you have any queries.

    Please note this is ready to go work just plug and play.
    🛒*if you need any special scanner tools or software let me know*  🙂

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