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UNIARM Pneumatic Assist Arm For Tyre Changer

Universal pneumatic assist arm for tyre changer

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    UNIARM Pneumatic Assist Arm For Tyre Changer


    Some modern motorcycle tyres are becoming extremely hard to fit, even with a tyre changer.  This can be due to the shape and composition of certain tyres and/or the shape of the wheel rim. For busy tyre bays, we recommend a pneumatic Assist / Help Arm which makes even the hardest tyres easy to fit and remove.

    The UNIARM Assist Arm is a low-cost assist arm which will fit almost any side-arm (fixed column) tyre changer and is an ideal add-on for our M200 tyre changer. It features a reversible hard plastic head on a multi-jointed arm which can be pneumatically lowered to assist with the fitment and removal of tyres. The configuration allows the head to follow the tyre round acting as a third hand.