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Piwis 2 Wireless Porsche Piwis Tester ll V18.100 Porsche Diagnostic Tool with Panasonic CF30 Laptop Full Kit

Product Details:

Place of Origin: (Europ & USA)
Brand Name: Porsche Piwis
Certification: CE
Model Number: Piwis ll

Payment & Shipping Terms:

Minimum Order Quantity: 1 pcs
Packaging Details: Single flight case ,double flight case ,exported carton. It’s all up to customer’s requirements
Delivery Time: 2 to 5 Working Days
Payment Terms: T/T , Western Union , MoneyGram
Supply Ability: 5000 Unit,SET,PCS
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    Porsche Piwis 2 Wireless tester PIWIS 2 software support Porsche cars till 2020 Tool support online Coding with dealer account. Porsche Diagnostic Piwis 2 with Panasonic CF30 Laptop Ready To USE.


    PIWIS 2 Software Version: 18.100      Software will never expire!!

    Power-On Password:piwis=890

    WIFI Piwis 2 Languages:


    Francais (French)
    Espanol (Spanish)
    ??? (Japanese)
    ?? (Chinese)
    Pyccknn (Russian)
    português (Portuguese)
    Nederlands (Dutch)

    US English


    Why to Choose WIFI Porsche Piwis :

    1.Can work with Laptop via USB Cable and Wireless.
    2.Piwis II Wireless tester comes with Panasonic CF30 Laptop, software preinstalled, can work for all porsche from 1996 till  2018 via USB cable and Wireless.
    3.Can work with new cars Porsche Macan and add porsche wiring diagram as well as service plan.

    4.The wifi solution is 100% OEM as dealership ones 

    5.Piwis II Wireless tester comes with best piwis ii VCI from Taiwan, support online function, packaged in good metal box.

    Panasonic CF30 Configuration:

    Panasonic ToughBook CF-30 MK3
    13.3″ LCD XGA(LED BACKLIGHT)(1024×768)
    TouchScreen- reacts to finger touch and Pen
    Intel Core 2 Duo L7500 1.6GHZ(Dual Core)
    320GB Sata HDD

    2GB RAM

    WIFI PIWIS 2 Functions:

    Porsche PIWIS II is able to read/clear error code, catch data stream, computer programming match, component test,maintenance information consult, components site drawing, wiring diagram.

    The Porsche PIWIS TESTER II works with the old and latest porsche car. It is equiped with the panasonic laptop and original software for the test. Porsche PIWIS TESTER 2 can help you diagnose and programme the most new and old kind of porsche cars.
    For example: 911(997), Boxster/ Cayman,(987), Cayenne up to MY 2010, Cayenne from MY 2011 and Panamera.

    The new Panamera can only be diagnosed by using this Porsche PIWIS II V18.100. Based on current project planning, all earlier vehicle models will gradually be changed over to the new PIWIS Tester II by the end of 2018. PIWIS Tester-I only can be used for older models in the Porsche workshop until end of 2018.

    Support for PIWIS Tester-I will no longer be available once the earlier diagnostic programs have been transferred to PIWIS Tester-II.

    When the Porsche PIWIS II is distributed, it will contain one basic piece of software. This is necessary in order to start and configure the tester.


    Read/clear error code, catch data stream, computer programming match, component test, maintenance information consult, components site drawing, wiring diagram.

    WIFI Setting Of Piwis Tester:

    1.For the piwis ii wifi settng, firstly you need connect the USB cable to laptop, then setting in [VCI Config] by inputing the SSID and Password of router.

    2.A prerequisite for using wLAN is the availability of a suitable infrastructure. The workshop safety guidelines must also permit the use of radio networks.

    3.Connect the VCI to the PC using the supplied USB cable and start the VCI configuration software.

    4.This can be accessed via the relevant link in the basic software.

    5.The necessary setup steps are described separately in the section entitled wLAN configuration.

    In order to establish a wLAN connection, the USB connection must be removed once

    configuration has been completed successfully.

    6.This is because once established, the USB connection is always active.


    Only use IP addresses approved for local operation (e.g. 192.168.x.x) in the local wLAN/LAN
    Network:, subnet mask
    • Addresses that can be used: up to
    • Router address (gateway):
    • Client addresses (e.g. VCI, laptop): up to (max. 100 participants)

    Porsche Piwis ii wireless tester V18.100 software display:

    Notice for Porsche Piwis II Wireless tester:

    1. After finish diagnostic, please quit the connection, and quit to the homepage of the software, then shut off the laptop in correct way(DO NOT Press Power Button, otherwise the system will be damaged).

    2. Piwis II Wireless tester V18.100 we sell is best quality which is made in Tainwan, and it is Semtec Hardware, which is 100% same as the porsche dealer has, not J2534 hardware, the J2534 FTDI hardware comes with different PCB, and it has no certification make it is not able work with all modules, not support online functions.


    3. Certificate is well installed, our Piwis II supports Online Functions, only two functions need to work online: Teach keys immo function and Parts protection function.

    If you have No Porsche Dealer Account, we can login our porsche dealer account via teamviewer for you, and it is 389 USD/time, for more details please check


    • Packing list:
    • 1* Panasonic cf30
      1* piwis 2 hardware
      1* usb cable
    • 1*obd cbale
    • 1*usb extend cable
      1* user manual in English
    • 1* plastic box
      1* Wireless Router

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    Skype: MAK-OBDii_Shop 
    Whatapp: +49 1521 500-7273

    Telegram: @OBDiiStore