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Tesla Toolbox V3 V2 (T-Diag) Diagnostic Tester Tool,OEM Tesla Diagnostic,Tesla Second generation diagnosis.

PRICE: €2,000 EUR

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► Full Package: 

Main + Advance Package + Model 3 Package 

Annual subscription after the first year: 300€

* to use white FAKRA, first you must put the car in factory mode via black connector behind IC

Windows 10 supported only.

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    Tesla Toolbox V3 V2 (T-Diag) Diagnostic Tester Tool,OEM Tesla Diagnostic,Tesla Second generation diagnosis.


    We are pleased to present the Tesla Diagnostic Tool (T-Diag)


    Are you looking to diagnose and repair TESLA vehicles? This Tesla Diagnostic Tool (T-Diag) is designed specifically for you!


    This Tesla Diagnostic Software currently supports the following models:


    • Model S
    • Model X​​​​​​​
    • Model 3 (with additional hardware). Supported functions:

      • Activate factory mode —> For more information click here.
      • Clear pin to drive
      • Redeploy
      • Change gateway config
      • Update maps
      • Change map region
      • Convert US to EU
      • With factory enabled you have access to all service functions.

    Please keep in mind that all functions are supported on non rooted MCU1(Tegra) and MCU2(Intel**)  with versions up to 2021.4.3

    * to use white fakra, first you must put car in factory mode via black connector behind IC

    Windows 10 supported only

    Features of our Tesla diagnostic tool software (T-Diag):

    1. The Tesla Diagnostic Tool can install the firmware on your car.
    2. The software can redeploy car (adjustment of non-original vehicle modules reprogramming of used parts modules)
    3. By downloading the current firmware version from the car to assist when changing eMMC chip in CID if the eMMC is damaged and can not be read. As a result, with the Tesla Diagnostic Tool, you can extract car configuration from the car without CID and generate files needed for the new CID eMMC image. This way, you do not have to worry about the Spansion chip version.
    4. With the Tesla Scan tool, you can enable GW Serial console to CID.
    5. Functions for bench setup of IC
    6. Backup and restore IC.
    7. Retrofit modules by GW/CID configuration
    8. Set configuration if you do US/EU Conversion, and swap radio and charger module
    9. Recode new battery, if different from original


    T-Diag PACKAGES:

    ► T-Diag Main Package:

    The main package includes → OBDII interface + Dongle + USB Lan Hub + Basic software. 


    • Scan the available modules in the vehicle + Read and clear all DTCs

    Tesla Scan tool                         Tesla Scan ToolTesla Scan Tool

    • Air suspension – Set Ride Heigh, Service mode, Force Gallery Pressure, Get Pressure, Live Ride Heigh, TAS Clear Crash Data.

    T-Diag Air Suspension

    • Brakes/ESP/TPMS – Read TPMS ID, Brake Bleeding, Steering Wheel Angle calibration, Activate EPB Service Mode, Get Versions

    T-Diag Brakes/ESP/TPMS

    • Airbag – Read/Write EEPROM, Clear Crash Data, Read Resistance

    Tesla Diagnostic Tool for Airbag

    • Body – Door Handles ICE Braker, Steering Wheel Column calibration, Rear wing Calibration


    • Battery/BMS – BMS Read Serial number, BMS Contactor Reset, Reset Contactor Stress Index, Reset Contactor WOT Counter

    Tesla Diagnostic Software for Battery/BMS

    • Cooling  – THC AirPurge Start/Stop, THC Refill/Drain Start/Stop


    • Bench – Power On/Off IC on Bench


    • Live Data – Read Alerts

    Live Data                       Tesla Diagnostic Tool for Live Data

    • Advanced functions – Read Car Vitals, Keyless Driving ON/OFF, Valet MODE Enable/Disable,

    Showroom Enable/Disable, Reset IC, Master Reset, Reset CID, Reset GW, GW Telnet Allow,

    Bus Wake, Rails ON, Enter/Exit Diag, Enter/Exit Factory Mode, Enter/Exit Development Mode.

     Advanced Options                        Advanced Options

    • Alerts – Read All and Current alerts.

    Alerts                        Software Alerts


    ► T-Diag Advanced Package:

    The Advanced package includes :

    • Read/Write Configuration
    • Odometer recalibration
    • Pin to Drive
    • Emergency moving
    • Disable Pin to Drive
    • Key programming for Model S ( Add key or All keys lost)

    Tesla Diagnostic Advanced Package                        Tesla Diagnostic Tool Advanced Package► T-Diag Model 3 Package 

    Model 3 supported functionality:

    • Activate Factory Mode
    • Clear PIN to Drive
    • Redeploy
    • Change Gateway Config
    • Update Maps
    • Change Map Region
    • Convert US to EU

    With factory mode enabled you to have access to all service functions.

    *The Model 3 package includes Hardware to connect to Tesla Model 3 Vehicles

    T-Diag Model 3


    Tesla Diagnostic Tool (T-Diag) Model 3

    Please note this is ready to go work just plug and play.
    🛒*if you need any special scanner tools or software let me know*  🙂

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