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Super Tacho Pro Correction Machine

SUPER TACHO ver.03/2009We offer the update software,only for Super Tacho from our official website ,and it’s free via internet.The SUPER TACHO have everything inside what you need for bugfix and repair your dash and control device.

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    Super Tacho Pro Correction Machine


    Super Tacho Pro Correction Machine


    The SUPER TACHO can :
    content all your need for bugfix and repair your dash and control device.
    read the current mileage, decode and show the mileage in the LCD display
    have a easy self explanitory operation by clear menu guidance
    make working possible in overcast conditions for it’s backlight display
    edit,save and load all datasheets
    Stored datasheets from the SUPER TACHO can be transferred to a PC for archiving
    Broken speedometers can be repaired comfortably with the SUPER TACHO
    You receive updates periodical from us by internet
    New types and manufacturers can be released within seconds by telephone. There is no need to send the SUPER TACHO to us
    The SUPER TACHO is approachable for all type of speedometers.

    Cables and dongle list:

    SMD 8 CLIP
    SMD14 CLIP

    93xx dongle
    24xx dongle
    95-25xx dongle
    35xx dongle
    24xx adapter


    912 programmer on board
    X12 DONGLE
    CDC DONGLE(wait 1 month)
    35080V6(wait 1 month)

    obd porsche opel cables
    obd mercedes cables
    obd2- can cables
    vpw cables
    sw13 cables
    908 v2 cables
    bmw obd cables
    1319 cables
    Golf 3 Tachostecker NO.21 cable
    vag blau

    912 programmer on board
    bmw cas adapter
    Audi VW alt Adapter auf OBD
    Audi Tachostecker mit Adapterkabel No.26 cable
    Multi CAN Kabel
    VW K-Line
    Sprinter VDO

    Cable power
    power dc


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