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Static Wheel Balancer & Truing Stand

Professional Static Wheel Balancer / Truing Stand

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    Static Wheel Balancer & Truing Stand


    A professional quality static wheel balancer ideal for mobile use or for those starting out in the tyre service business which also doubles as a truing stand for building or straightening wire wheels. Complete with a bearing mounted spindle and two adjustable cones for quick setup. Adjustable feet ensure that the SB300 can be set perfectly level before use. The upright supports can be mounted in several lateral positions to suit the width of wheels being worked on. An optional side-hung wheel kit is also available.

    The SB300 is also an excellent spoked wheel truing / building jig – perfect for lacing wire wheels. Threaded axles with cones allows accurate lateral positioning and an adjustable rod can be used as a pointer or to mount a DTI for accurate measurement.