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Probe-In Video Scope

Probe-In Video Scope help you directly detect the fluorescent leak , replacing the traditional way of wearing UV glasses, it is a new generation of the most convenient, practical and economical fluorescent leak detector .

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    Probe-In Video Scope


    Probe-In Video Scope

    Dual imager cable:

    Switch from direct light to side light to see around in confined spaces such as throttle, intake valve, catalyst pipe, Strengthened in the resistance of water, oil, and high temperature to prolong the service life,it has made up for the shortcoming and disadvantages of Rocker-type endoscope .

    The Probe-in has photo-taking and video-recording functions.With memory card,you can make photos and videos electronic files as the evidence to charge clients and avoid consumer disputes .

    Extensive usages:

    Probe-in can be used in the following industrial lines: Auto field ,Petrochemical,Aviation,Construction,Electricity,Lossless (non-destructive) detection and other relevant lines.

    Product strength:

    Produced in the same production line with the snap-on rigid .Quality and design are first calass.Strong product developing capability to meet needs of large-scale OEM or special custom-made Amazing prices !


    1. Optical head diameter-8.5mm
    2. Color display size–3.5″
    3. Standard detector cable length – 3ft (3ft extension cable available )
    4. Display resolution 320*240
    5. Output – NTSC video signal
    6. Depth of field – 4cm-30cm
    7. High luminance LED integrated on optical head
    8. Multi–step adjustment of LED light intensity
    9. Optical head operational temperature range–10-70C
    10. Push-button switch&battery power indicator
    11. Video out connector
    12. Accessory included – magnet,90C mirror,hook
    13. 180C image rotation support
    14. 12V DC power supply

    Package including:

    1pc x Probe-In Video Scope
    1pc x Camera head
    1pc x User’s Manual

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