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[EU Ship No TAX] Original Renault Can Clip Diagnostic Interface Scantool obd Tests Tool

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    Original Renault Can Clip Diagnostic Interface Scantool obd Tests Tool


    Production Description:

    Product Description

    The Renault CLiP is the latest diagnostic tool from Renault. It is capable of diagnosing on-board computer incidents. The CLiP contains all the latest diagnostic technology and information to diagnose all issues. It allows reprogramming of a vehicle’s computer systems to suit specific driver requirements. Renault Clip offers numerous functions designed to increase your business and revenue streams, including:

    • Automatic VIN and ECU recognition
    • DTC reading and removal – including full break down and meaning of the codes
    • Complete list of live data streaming for all main ECU’s
    • Recordable / playback of live data
    • Module programming (when combined with Renault InfoTech)
    • ECU re-flash (when combined with Renault InfoTech)
    • Wide range of actuator function tests
    • Airbag test
    • Setting / removing speed limiters (excludes factory set speed limiters)
    • Any many more money making functions

    Clip’s main menu allows you to:
    See all the information relating to the vehicle
    Look at the function you want to use: – computer test
    – automatic test of all computers
    – reprogramming
    – airbag test
    – scantool (OBD tests)
    – Base Doc (access to Technical Notes)
    – physical measurements
    – antipollution
    – multimeter

    Renault CAN Clip Diagnostic Interface is designed to diagnose Renault vehicles models which includes auto-magically analyze all of the Renault models’ computer systems, reporgramming, airbag test and many other functions. and it also supports multiple languages.

    Package List: Renault CAN Clip Interface, Renault 12PIN Cable for Renault old Car connection, OBD2 16PIN Cable for Renault Car connection, USB cable for PC connection and Renault Clip Software CD.

    Renault CAN Clip set includes:

    CAN Clip Interface
    2 cables for CAN Clip <-> Car connection
    1 cable for CAN Clip <-> PC connection
    1 software CD (CLIP v71, can be installed on ANY PC)

    It’s very simple to diagnose a vehicle using Renault CAN Clip Diagnostic Interface: Just select the vehicle make, enter the V. I. N. And press ENTER.