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Original Open Box USED for Display’s Diagprog 4 Elprosys DP4 Scanner Diagnostics Tools with full kit Mileage Odometer Correction DP4 Tool For Vehicles,Trucks,Van,Motorbikes,etc…

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Country/Region of Manufacture: Poland Custom Bundle: No
Vehicle Type: Heavy Duty/Commercial, Motorcycle, Passenger Vehicle Non-Domestic Product: No
OBD Interface: CAN, EOBD, OBD, OBDII Modified Item: No
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Weight:     5.000 kg
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    Diagprog4 Elprosys Diagprog 4 DP4 dp 4 full kit Mileage Correction Odometer Tools Kit USED FOR DISPLAY SALES



    Diagnostic tester DiagProg4

    Diagprog 4 is a successor of well known Diagprog 3 device. Diagprog 4 represents the latest generation of advanced odometer programmers.

    It’s a very powerful and capable device with an ultra-wide range of supported vehicles, electronic modules, and microchips. Easy to use and user-friendly interface, many programming functions available right through OBD (On-Board Diagnostics, some of the supported vehicles or motorbikes requires more effort with disassembling of dashboards and some soldering) connection.

    DP4 support connection protocols like SAE J1850 VPW, ISO 9141, ISO 14230 (Keyword 2000), ISO 15765 (CAN bus), works with wide range of EEPROM and FLASH microchips.


    Diagprog 4 is a perfect tool for individual professionals and large vehicle repair workshops. It saves time and money. All information is provided in relevant manuals or right on the screen of the device.

    One year warranty and assurance that this tool will be useful for a long time due to regular software and hardware updates. It means that your Diagprog 4 device will be useful for a long time and will be compatible with the future vehicles and motorbikes.

    DiagProg4 (DP4) professional diagnostic tester,  is the fourth generation device from DiagProg series which offers maximum flexibility and comfort while maintaining easy of use.DiagProg4 diagnostic tester is an innovative diagnostic equipment used for diagnostics, repair,  programming modules such as Airbag sensors, ECU, odometers, Anti-lock Braking System pump (ABS) and many more.

    DiagProg4 diagnostic tester can read and erase DTC’s errors, reset engine oil inspections as well as clear accidents and make language alteration. The best and most popular DiagProg4 diagnostic tester function is instrument cluster repair on a wide range of supported vehicles.

    DiagProg4 also allows to program electronic modules to vehicles after replacement or accident.
    Worth mentioning is the fact that DiagProg4 can save you a lot of time and money because a lot of functions can be accessed via OBDII connection ensuring easy, fast and safe usage.DiagProg4 diagnostic tester is the most advanced and powerful automotive diagnostic tool currently available on the market.

    diagprog4 diagnostic tester
    DiagProg4 diagnostic tester for cars basic functions:

    • Reading and erasing diagnostic faults (DTCs) in OBD system,
    • Engine oil inspection reset,
    • Language alteration for all modules,
    • Motohours inspection,
    • Reading and erasing of advanced service history,
    • Reading and writing EEPROM memory via diagnostic connection (all parameters),
    • Reading and programming FLASH memory via diagnostic connection (tuning, calibration),
    • Programming of immobilizers, keys and remotes,
    • Clearing (erasing) accidents,
    • Programming electronic modules after repair or change,
    • Instrument cluster repair and recalibration,
    • Easy, fast and safe programming or wide range of vehicles.


    DiagProg4 diagnostic tester for cars can be used for:

    • Diagnostics
    • Repair
    • Adaptation of aftermarket ECU’s
    • Configuration of parameters (e.g. new menu language, new module installation).

    DiagProg4 diagnostic tester for cars supported modules:


    – DiagProg4 Diagnostic tool for cars supports more cars then any competitor,

    This diagnostic tester is the only one that supports older car models – which means you can serve more clients.

    • Engine control unit (ECU),
    • Anti-lock Braking System pump (ABS),
    • Immobilizer (anti – theft control, alarm system),
    • Body Control Unit (BSI , BCM) computer (responsible for windows/mirrors, central locking),
    • SRS airbag (responsible for airbag control),
    • Central diagnostic gate (Gateway, ZGW), responsible for diagnostics and new modules configuration,
    • Tire Pressure Monitor (TPM – module responsible for tire pressure control).
    DiagProg4 diagnostic tester is dedicated only for repair and diagnostic purposes.

    Diagnostic tester DiagProg4


    – DiagProg4 software can be purchased as individual programs – a service, our competitors do not offer. You decide what software you need and when you need it. You can buy single program or sign in for monthly subscription. This way we save your money.



    – Our team of technicians is always ready to help. We deal with technical queries fast and accurate,

    – Internet forum (only for DiagProg4 users) allows you to use knowledge based on previous problems and to exchange experiences with other users,

    – All data is saved in DP4 and can be sent to PC or to our technical department,

    – Board construction makes DiagProg4 simple to work with and cheap in service.



    – We send ordered programs to clients twice a day via Internet. Thanks to this updates are received within few hours.



    – Due to our unique hardware you can program EEPROM directly on board.


    – Menu is easy to navigate,

    – TFT display 800 x 480 display with 262 colours allows easy work with diagnostic tester,

    – Service menu in following languages: Polish, English, German, French, Spanish, Italian and Portugese,

    – All stored vehicle data can be transfered to PC via our software.


    With DiagProg4 Diagnostic tool for cars you will also receive:

    – all cables,

    – adapters,

    – plugs,

    – EEPROM clips,

    – equipment supplied in compact case ensuring easy storage,

    – 8GB MicroSDHC card (up to 32GB).

    Package contains:

    DiagProg 4 (DP4) device
    Key Programmer
    NEC adapter
    Parallel Adapter
    “DiagProg 4 – Full Package Dashboard Software” – a software package running (only together) with (original) device DiagProg 4,
    “DiagProg 4 Copyright (C) Elprosys 2001 – 2015” – (firmware) – part of the software that runs (only) with (original) device DiagProg 4,
    Power supply adapter from a car lighter
    Test Adapter
    CD-ROM with software and manuals (pdf)
    Agreement of Use that grants technical support for the user as well as updated software releases
    Big case for the device.

    The Cables includes:

    C1 cable
    C2 cable
    C3 cable
    C5 cable
    C6 cable
    C7 cable
    C8 cable
    C9 cable
    C10 cable

    C11 cable
    C12 cable
    C13 cable
    C14 cable
    C18 cable
    C19 cable
    C21 cable
    C22 cable

    D2 cable
    D3 cable +D3 multiplexer
    D4 cable
    D6 cable
    D7 cable
    D8 cable
    D9 cable

    D10 cable
    D11 cable
    D12 cable
    D14 cable
    D15 cable
    D17 cable
    D18 cable
    D19 cable
    D20 cable


    D21 cable
    D23 cable
    D24 cable
    D25 cable
    D26 cable
    D27 cable
    D28 cable
    D29 cable
    D30 cable
    D31 cable


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