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OBDPROG MT601 IMMO Odometer Adjustment Mileage Auto Car Correction OBD2 Code Diagnostiс Tool

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Condition: New Warranty: 3 Year
Supported System: EPB, SRS, Immobiliser, TPS Manufacturer Part Number:

Auto Key programmer tools

OBD Interface: EOBD, OBDII Brand:


Vehicle Type: Passenger Vehicle Type: Odometer Tool
OBDPROG MT601: IMMO Key programmer Function support 1: Mileage Correction,Read Security code;
Highlight: Auto Key programmer/OBD2 Diagnostic/Odometer adjus Function 3: TPS(Throttle Position Matching);Program Keys;

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    OBDPROG MT601 IMMO Odometer Adjustment Mileage Auto Car Correction OBD2 Code Diagnostiс Tool


    OBDPROG MT601 IMMO Odometer Adjustment Mileage Correction OBD2 Diagnostic Tool

    Product Description

    OBDPROG MT601 IMMO Auto Key Programmer+ Odometer Adjustment+EEPROM PINCODE Reader+ OBD2 Diagnostic Tool 4 in 1 Update Online
    OBDPROG MT601 Auto Key Programmer is a kind of handheld device for programming keys in immobilizer units on vehicles. This scan tool has a simple and robust design, to make your vehicle service experience much easier, function including IMMO+Odometer+EEPROM chip read +OBD2 Software 4 in 1
    Top 12 Reasons to Get OBDPROG MT601 Auto Key Programmer:
    1. Support normal keys programming;
    2. Support reads keys from immobilizer’s memory;
    3. Support immobilizer programming;
    4. Support mechanical key number programming;
    5. Support vehicle Identification Number programming;
    6. Easy to operate by the guided menu programming;
    7. Support car remote controller programming;
    8. Support Immo PIN CODE reader;
    9. Support odometer mileage adjustment(Via obd);
    10. With full and strong database for the most important vehicle makes;
    11. Support upgradeable via web-based download;
    12. Support EEPROM Chip read;
    3_Copy19810_Copy2875-_Copy6-_Copy4Mileage Odometer EEPROM Pin Code Reader

    1. Language: only English software
    2. Dealer Code: 85200001
    3. Full Configuration(C+D+E): IMMOBILISER+ OBD Software and Odometer Adjustment + EEPROM Adapter
    4.Not Support for Toyota G Chip function
    4. It does not support Indian cars and VW 4th&5th immo function, if you do not sure whether your car support or not , pls contact us before you make the order , we will check for you .
    OBDPROG MT601 Vehicle Coverage:
    EEPROM chip read: EEPROM ADAPTER V30.40
    Immobiliser: For ACURA, for AUDI, for BAIC, for BESTURN, for BRILLIANE, for BYD, for CHANGAN, for CHANGHE, for CHERY, for CHRYSLER, for CITROEN, for DFLZ, for DFPV, for DS, for FORD, for GEELY, for G-M, for GREATWALL, for HAFEI, for HAIMA, for HAWTAI Motor, for HONDA, for HONGQI, for HUAPU, for HYUNDAI, for INFINITI, for JAC, for JAGUAR, for KIA, for LANDROVER, for LEXUS, for LIFAN, for LINCOLN, for LUFENG, for MAZDA, for MG, for MITSUBISHI, for NISSAN, for OPEL, for PEUGEOT, for PORSCHE, for RENAULT, for ROEWE, for SAIC ENGLANG, for SEAT, for SKODA, for SMART, for SSANGYONG, for SBARU, for SUZUKI, for TOYOTA, for VW, for YOUNGLOTUS, for ZZMAZDA, for ZZNISSAN;
    OBDII: OBDII V30.02 for diagnose
    Odometer via OBD: For AUDI, for VW, for BENZ, for Chrysler, for Ford, for G-M, for Porsche, for Skoda, for SeatOBDPROG MT601 IMMO & Remote programming feedback: 
    for Maruthi for Suzuki key programming in 2 min ,
    for Hyundai I 20 key programming done ,
    for Hyundai verna fludic remote done in few seconds. Yes, it can do key lost and also u can add.
    for Honda cars,both making a spare and all key lost and remote programming,so far never failed.
    for Mitsubishi Pajero 2014. All key lost OK.
    for Hyundai i 10 Key ok…
    for Hyundai i 10 remote ok .
    for Hyundai i 10 grand remote in 2 min ok
    for honda crv 2008 remote and key ok
    for jeep cherokee 2008 remote and key ok
    for mazda cx9 2009 smart key ok
    for Ford Eecosport 2015 Flip key programming ok…
    for Suzuki Ignis 2003 all lost key, programming new key OK.
    for Hyundai GETS 2007 KEY OK
    for Range rover sport hse 2012 start button , all key lost OK
    2013 Elantra remote OK
    2007 for VW Rabbit add key and remote OK
    2012 Town&County smart key OK
    2002 Jetta add key FAIL (vehicle not supported msg, cant even read pin code)
    2007 Quest add key OK
    2008 Accord add key OK
    2016 for Subaru Forester add keys OK, remote program FAIL
    for Range rover sport 2007 add key ok
    for subaru outback 2008 add key ok
    for infinity fx 2009 smart key ok
    for Audi a4 2006 rb8 dash diesel engine read pin from ecu Ok
    for Mazda 2 2009 all ok job done in seconds
    for Tucson 2014 .. key and remote programing ok
    for ford raptor 2012 key programing ok at least 2 keys must have
    for ford expedition 2011 all key lost ok
    accent 2012 key programing pin read ok
    i10 2012 read pin and swap ecu (ecm neutrelize) ok all ok
    prado txl and gx 2013 smart key programing ok
    prado 2012 ignition key programing ok
    Good tool for Honda. transponder + smart even all keys lost.
    for Nissan leaf,Xtrail both are ok
    for Toyota Hilux add g chip key easily. did one for all keys lost with eeprom adapter too.
    for Toyota innova key added Ok
    2010 for Ford Ranger,4D63.. all key lost OK.
    for Mitsubishi pagero 2012 yes
    for Mazda cx9 2011 programmed smart key ok
    for Renault v30.50 pin code read logan 2008 OK
    It can do key programming for PSA/ford/fiat/VAG but regarding Renault it’s very poor
    only for Renault Koleos listed in. But the update from OBDPROG is going so well.
    It can do key programming also extract pin code in many brands.Customer Feedback OBDPROG MT601 for Mileage Change: 
    1) VAG group vehicles:
    For Audi A3 is on the list from 2003 – 2006, 2007- up personally I have not tried
    For Volkswagen Tiguan 2013 TFT color dash nec+24C64 ok
    For Volkswagen caddy 2014 white meter NEC24C64 via obd
    For Volkswagen Caddy 2014 with TFT Color dash via obd
    For Volkswagen Caddy 2014 with TFT Color dash via obd
    For Seat Ibiza 2014 Via obd ok
    For Volkswagen Polo 2014 with NEC24C64
    06 a8 OK
    2013 for golf with black/white screen – OK (with latest update)
    Q5 2013 via obd ok
    For Tiguan 2012 tft color NEC24C64 ok
    For Volkswagen Polo 2014 White Meter NEC24C64 using golf menu OK2) For Hyundai and Kia
    For Hyundai verna fluidic obd ok
    For Hyundai accent 2012 by obd ok 24c16
    For Hyundai Creta D70F3525 ok
    For Hyundai Verna 24c16 ok
    new update mileage correction for hyundai Sonata 9
    for Kia soul with 24c16tw …. obd not ok
    for Hyundai accent 2014 with 24c16tw ……not work, but other accent with red screen tacho light
    For Kia Sportage with 24c16 2012 work perfect
    For Kia sorrento 24c16 al ok obd
    For Kia sportage 2013 round dash screen obd success
    For Kia optima mileage correction : ok
    for Kia Sportage D70F3423. 2015 successfully done less than 20 seconds.3) For Opel
    For Opel Isignia 2011 works well via obd
    For Astra J 2010 ok
    For Opel Insignia 2009/2011 OK4) Others
    For Chevrolet Cruze 2010, 2011, 2012 via obd Ok
    For Range Rover Evoque 2013 via obd ok
    For Jeep compas 2014 for obd2 2008+
    2008- savana asking to enter ecu code
    for Nissan Leaf Electric Car 2014 Mileage correction done
    for Dodge durango 2014 …. work perfect
    I20 24c16 ok (Note: if you WANT TO DO KM IN HYUNDAI I20 THEN YOU HAVE TO PUT KM 4 TIME MORE EX. 1000 KM NEED THEN PUT 4000 KM IN X100.)
    2006 for Chrysler 300c -> will do dash via obd but won’t do SRI
    For Hummer H2 2008 via obd ok
    2014 for Altima Via obd ok
    i20 by obd ok ….. so i had to make the x4 solution given on this thread example for 25300km = 25300×4 ; sometimes gives 9999999 some times 564873248 whatever but keep trying 1 or more number more on total.
    Rio obd ok
    For Chevrolet Cruze 2014 via obd take less than 4 seconds
    For Range Rover Evoque SD4 2013 ok less than 2 seconds
    For Chevrolet cruze lt 2012 alla key lost ….OK 10 min programing and mileage correction ok
    For rang rover sport 2014 , 10 sec after buckup all ok

    OBDPROG MT601 Odometer Failed work vehicle mode:

    For Ibiza 2015 failed
    For Volkswagen Polo 2012 with Nec+95320 can’t do it, security access failed
    For AUDI a3 2011 not work, advise you can do it with vvdi, vvdi2
    2006 for Chrysler pacifica immo no connection (8th November, 2015 update)
    For Hyundai Verna Fludic 2015 pertol but no communication with x 100(20th November, 2015)
    98 beetle NOT OK(22nd November, 2015)
    For Volkswagen Caddy 2015 white meter with NEC24c64 failed (27th November, 2015)
    Can’t reset for Volkswagen DSG also Cruze BCM
    For Benz yes
    For bmw no

    1.the more cars’ software will be released every month upgrade
    2.mileage adjust function not work japanese car makers well.
    odometer correction via OBD can not work all vehicles mode, please must check Instrument model before send order. Or confirm vehicle information to sales
    OBDPROG MT601 Packing List:
    1pc x MT601 main unit
    1pc x OBDII-16 connector
    1pc x HONDA-3 connector
    1pc x HYUNDAI/KIA-10 connector
    1pc x KIA-20 Connector
    1pc x main cable
    1pc x TF Card
    1pc x TF Card reader
    1pc x PIC and EEPROM adapter


    Packing List

    1. MT601 main unit;

    2. OBDII-16 connector;

    3. Main Cable

    4. TF Card

    5. TF Card Reader

    6. MT601 user’s manual

    Warranty & Maintenance:
    We provide 1 year warranty, Buyers are only responsible for the return shipping fees for warranty items. As soon as we receive the items,we will repair or exchange them ASAP.

    Your positive feedback will be highly appreciated once you get the items and satisfied with them. Also we will be very glad to return you the positive feedback. Thank you!

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