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Common Rail Injector Pump and Rail Testing Bench Mini CRDI 101

Mini CRDI 101 C. Drive (Make – Schneider Electric): The CRDI 101 is fitted with a Schneider AC Frequency / Electronic drive. Worlds Smallest….

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    Common Rail Injector Pump & Rail Testing Bench  Mini CRDI 101

    Worlds Smallest Common Rail Injector, Pump and Fuel Rail Testing Bench

    Model: Mini CRDI 101 C

    Complete with all computer hardware, software and CR injector and pump test plans for Bosch, Delphi, Denso and Siemens.


    Introducing the World’s Smallest dedicated Common rail injector, pump and fuel rail testing bench designed for quickly testing all kinds of common rail injectors, pumps and fuel rails of Bosch, Delphi, Denso and Siemens make.

    Function / Application:-

    – It can test CR Injectors of both Solenoid and Piezo technology – up to two at a time / simultaneously – It is used to diagnose the Faulty Common rail injector by testing it for its spray pattern, Output delivery to back leakage ratio, Full load delivery, No load delivery, etc. User can also measure the solenoid / Piezo sensor resistance of the injector.

    – Common Rail Pumps that can be tested include Bosch CP1 / CP2 / CP3, Delphi CRSP, Denso HP3 / HP 4 and Siemens DCP pumps. User can diagnose faulty common rail pumps if they are not developing sufficient pressure / if the solenoid (Fuel metering control valve) on the pump is not functioning well / return flow of the pump is too high. (Bench comes fitted with a Rota meter / Flow meter to measure the return delivery of common rail pumps)

    – One can also test the pressure sensor and solenoid (fuel rail pressure control valve / DRV / FCA) mounted on the fuel rail for proper function. User can also measure solenoid resistance of the DRV.

    – The user can vary the pressure developed in the system from 0 – 2000 BAR by controlling the percentage opening of the Pressure control valve / solenoid mounted on the fuel rail fitted on this bench through the CRT 7000 simulator installed on this test bench.

    – The bench comes fitted with the Common rail injector, pump and fuel rail simulator (CRT 7000) attachment through which user can control the following:-

    a. Pressure in the system (0 – 2000 BAR) by controlling the percentage opening of the fuel rail pressure control valve / solenoid / DRV from 0 – 100 %

    b. The injector pulse width (W) – Which determines the volume of delivery per spray.

    c. Injector frequency of spray / RPM of engine (N) – Which controls the number of sprays per second.

    d. Monitor the fuel rail pressure (Also the system pressure) which is displayed digitally on the CRT 7000 LCD screen and also on the computer software screen , which is read constantly from the pressure sensor mounted on the fuel rail.

    – Extremely compact and light weight test bench, ideal for diesel workshops who intend to start common rail injector and pump testing. Also ideal for small workshops which have a space constraint to accommodate a bigger test bench. (Refer below for weight and dimensions)

    – Computer, keyboard and mouse fitted on to the test bench along with the CRT software to control and monitor all CR testing parameters.

    Test Bench Specifications and Features:-

    Note: All our test benches are assembled using the best quality international brand inputs such as ABB Motors, Schneider drives, Fenner / Gates Belts and pulleys, Dowty gear pumps, L&T switch gears etc., Hence they offer trouble free service for years and years and come with our official manufacturer warranty of two years from date of delivery.

    · Main Motor (Make – ABB Motors): 5 HP, Single Phase – 220 V OR Three Phase 380 / 415 V, 50 / 60 HZ (as per customer requirement)

    · Drive (Make – Schneider Electric): The CRDI 101 is fitted with a Schneider AC Frequency / Electronic drive.

    · Test Bench RPM: The user can set the desired RPM of the test bench anywhere from 0 – 4000 RPM. With electric push buttons to increase / decrease speed of the bench.

    · Injector Delivery & Return Measurement: Injector output delivery and return / back leak is measured in test tubes fitted on to the benchThe bench is also fitted with a digital tachometer, through which the user can control the number of strokes and time for which the reading of Back flow / return vs. output delivery of the CR injector is recorded by the bench. The test then automatically stops once the set number of stroked are reached. The tubes can then be electrically drained via a push button on the bench.

    · CR Pump return measurement: A dedicated Rota meter (Flow meter) is installed on the CRDI 786 to measure the return delivery of all common rail pumps.

    · Pump return, Injector Output delivery / Return pipes and adapters are provided with the bench which connect the CR injector output and return to the measurement test tubes and the CR pump return to the Rota meter.

    · The test bench comes fitted with a Bosch CP1 common rail pump complete with its coupling and a foundation which is suitable for all kinds of common rail pumps. The test bench also comes fitted with a Bosch fuel rail fitted with a rail pressure sensor and fuel rail pressure control valve / solenoid / DRV along with a fuel rail stand. One can control the pressure in the system from 0 – 2000 BAR by controlling the percentage opening of this solenoid / control valve through the CRT 7000 system. Also the pressure in the system is read and monitored through the pressure sensor fitted on the fuel rail and is displayed digitally on the LCD screen of the CRT 7000.

    · The test bench comes complete and fitted with all high pressure pipes, electrical couplers for all kinds of common rail injectors, pumps and fuel rails, and all other necessary accessories to enable trouble free and speedy CR testing.

    · The Common rail testing area is well shielded with an unbreakable transparent acrylic shielding box, which can be lifted up when desired. This is for the safety and protection of the operators when observing spray pattern / performing other injector and pump tests etc. as the pressures involved in CR testing are very high.

    · The bench is fitted with a digital tachometer with stroke counterto take delivery readings the user can enter the desired number of strokes for which the reading has to be taken.

    – The bench also comes fitted with an exhaust system in the main shielded enclosure area. This is provided to help remove the spray fumes produced during injector spray pattern tests.

    · Diesel Fuel Tank Capacity: 20 Liters

    · Dimensions: L X W X H – 90 X 75 X 70 (In centimeters / cm)

    · Net Weight: 160 KG

    · Gross Weight (With Wooden packaging): 250 KG

    · Power Supply: 220 V, Single phase OR 380 – 440 V, 3 phase OR Custom as per customer’s requirement.

    Comes complete with all Operation manuals, CR Injector and pump test data and a CD containing various presentations and info files on Common rail technology and repair.

    Payment (Important):-

    You have one payment methods as listed below:-

    1. If you prefer, you can pay us via Bank T / T or (Bank Wire Transfer / Wire Transfer) from your bank account to our EU financial bank account,
    if you choose this option then you can buy the product on the website, We will then send you our account details and you can make the payment.
    As soon as we receive the payment in our account, we will “mark the payment as received” on the invoice and process your order.

    Delivery time (important):-

    The processing time / time to prepare this product will be approximately 1ki weeks after receiving payment. The remaining duration depends on the shipping method you have selected.

    Further information can be found in the scope of delivery:-


    You can either choose one of 2 modes of shipping:-

    1. Economy Service (Slow)-The test bench will be shipped by sea to the nearest seaport inyour country. It takes around 1-2 weeks for delivery after shipping from EU.

    2. Express shipping service (via air freight or express services such as DHL / FedEx / UPS / Aramex etc.)-The test bench will reach you within 5-8 working days after delivery. Please contact us for a shipping offer if you would like to ship the test bench via Air.

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