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MicroGas 4-Gas Infra-Red Analyser

Completely portable infra-red gas analyser for CO, CO2, HC & O2 gases.

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    MicroGas 4-Gas Infra-Red Analyser


    With its compact design and low weight, the ProBike MicroGas 4 is probably the worlds smallest hand held Exhaust Gas Analyser. This unit allows total flexibility for exhaust gas diagnosis and delivers performance equal to or better than bench top units costing twice as much! No wires are required at all – just turn it on and within 1 minute you have readings – no 15-minute wait! Internal rechargeable batteries mean no power leads; Infra-red communication with the optional printer means no printer cable. This is what we have been waiting for – total portability and practicality at an affordable price.

    The ProBike MicroGas 4 utilises the latest micro-bench technology to provide extremely accurate measurement of carbon monoxide (CO); carbon dioxide (CO2); hydrocarbons (HC); Oxygen (O2); Lambda and air/fuel ratio, in a very light, compact package. The powerful microprocessor controlled circuit combined with advanced software allows up to 255 tests to be stored and printed as required. This is invaluable for comparing output from individual cylinders, or outputs before & after adjustment. The printouts can be customised to include your company details and phone number together with the registration number for individual tests.

    The comprehensive illuminated display provides straightforward clear information – a large, backlit dot matrix LCD communicates all information on one screen.

    • Totally portable.
    • Highly accurate to OIML standards.
    • Operation via internal rechargeable battery or 12V adaptor.
    • Illuminated display.
    • Print via optional infrared printer.
    • RS232 port for computer connection
    • RPM clamp and display (4 gas)
    • Lambda and Air/Fuel Ratio displays.
    • One minute warm up time
    • Automatic zero calibration.
    • Ruggedly built with shockproof holster.
    • Low maintenance.
    • British made.

    Kit comprises: MicroGas analyser, foam-lined carry case, battery charger, 12V connection lead, RPM clamp, manual, 4m hose, probe, 5 spare filters.

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