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M200 Motorcycle Tyre Changer

Fast, safe tyre changer for motorcycle wheels at a bargain price.

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    M200 Motorcycle Tyre Changer


    The M200 is a rugged high quality tyre fitting machine with all the features found on more expensive machines, but at an entry level price. An ideal solution for the workshop where tyre changing is a smaller part of the business, or for firms embarking on tyre service work for the first time.

    Features included:

    1. Rigid column / side arm design – this is the strongest and most wear-free configuration available for a tyre changer. By eliminating all the highly stressed and wear prone mechanisms found in “tilt-column” machines, this design will always maintain its integrity and strength. This ensures that rim protection and high accuracy is maintained over years of constant use. It is also the most compact configuration.
    2. Centrally aligned jaws – means that they are always at 90 degrees to any size wheel providing optimum centering & rim protection. Aligned jaws ensure perfect grip for all diameter wheel rims, which is why the range of wheels the M200 will accept is so comprehensive – 6 to 25 inches!

    The unit comes complete with pneumatic bead-breaker, professional tyre inflator, tyre lever, tyre lube pot etc. Replaceable polypropylene jaw pads & covers protect wheels at all times. The demount heads of the tyre changers are automatically raised clear from the wheel rim during use and have plastic inserts to be doubly safe.

    The M200 is intended to make the professional motorcycle tyre fitting machine available to the average workshop at an entry-level price.

    See also optional UNIARM pneumatic assist arm.