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JZ6000 EUI EUP HEUI Diagnostic Tester Common Rail Test Bench

JZ-6000 is a multi-functional common rail test bench and diagnostic tester combines the function of the common rail tester ,unit injector tester bench, and Caterpillar hydraulic pump test bench, for testing the common rail injectors and pumps, piezo injectors, applys for all brands: Bosch Denso, Delphi, Simens, EUI EUP, caterpillar HEUI, with thousands of test data including CRDI injector test data and pumps, the combined functions are more powerful than Bosch test bench.

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    JZ6000 EUI EUP HEUI Diagnostic Tester Common Rail Test Bench


    JZ6000 EUI EUP HEUI Diagnostic Tester Common Rail Test Bench


    • Working Voltage: AC380V OR 220V
      Output Power  11~15 KW
    • Rail Pressure Range    0~2000 Bar
    • Fuel Pump Rotation Speed:  0 ~ 4000 RPM
    • Diesel Filter Accuracy    < 5 U
    • Injector Sensor Range    0.1 mL – 600 mL
    • Pump Sensor Range      10 mL – 3000 mL
    • Fuel tank capacity    80L
    • Dimension & weight    190 * 100 * 170 ( cm ) 900 kgs


    • The high pressure common rail test bench application:
      Bosch,Delphi,Denso,Siemens,common rail injector( piezo included) and Bosch CP1/CP2.2/CP3,Delphi CRSP,Denso HP3/HP4, Denso HP0 pump.
    • UIS UPS test – unit injector / pump, single and dual solenoid EUIs.
      HEUI test – CAT C7 C9 H3126
    • Common rail pump test: measure fuel supply and return volume, pump inner pressure, feeding pressure, sealing, ZME valve performance.
      Common rail injector test: measure the injection volume under full-loaded(VL)idling(LL),pre-injection(VE),and backflow volume.
      Check the sealing performance of the high pressure common rail injectors.
    • Check the solenoid valve of the common rail injector.
    • Clean the injector and pump before testing.
    • User can add and edit the data by themselves.
    • Testing 6 common rail injectors continuously (optional )
    • Save and print the testing report & customer information( print is optional).


    • Electronic quantity measurement
    • Germany flow sensor is equipped on this diesel fuel common rail test bench
    • Injector and pump testing by different flow sensor, to ensure testing accuracy and longer life time of the flow sensors.
    • Electronic inlet pressure control for pump fuel supply(ZME/VCV).
      Common rail rail pressure is controlled accurately by DRV/PCV.
    • Cooling system: Condensors or industrial refrigerator(optional)
    • Genuine Bosch pump and DRV used on this model 709 common rail test bench
    • Simple Common rail injector and pump mounting
    • Hood protects for flying parts
    • All high pressure pump drive channels have short circuit protection function.

    Software advantage:

    • Full-automatic operation, no need to set up the data.
    • Powerful test plans, more than 3000 types for different injectors & pumps
    • User can choose single step or multiple steps freely.
    • Rich information stored (related nozzles, vavles…), same as Bosch ESI
    • Computer can detect the diesel common rail test bench performance( connection,DRV,pressure sensor…)
    • Support Multi-language( English, Spanish, Russian,portugues, Francais, Italiano…)

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