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Ferrari Maserati SD3 Diagnostic Tester,OEM Ferrari Maserati Diagnostic Tool.

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SD3 Installation Manual

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Specification .:
Brand: Ferrari OBD Interface: CAN, EOBD, OBD, OBDII
Vehicle Type: Passenger Vehicle Supported System: Engine, Gearbox, ABS, EPB, SRS, TPMS
Country/Region of Manufacture: Italy|UK Type: Diagnostic


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    Ferrari Maserati SD3 Diagnostic Tester,OEM Ferrari Maserati Diagnostic Tool.

    Ferrari Maserati SD3 Diagnostic Tester.
    Delivery time: can be sent to any country within 3-5 days.

    Support model:It supports all Ferrari Maserati models produced before 2012.

    SD3 diagnostic system contains the following items in its suitcase:· SD3 diagnostic tester
    · Serial communication cable connecting SD3 / SD2 and PC (sd3-cbl01)
    · multimeter cable (sd3-cbl02)
    · Power adapter (sd3-cbl05)
    · Eobd SD3 diagnostic cable (sd3-cbl06)
    · SD2 cable with diagnostic cable (sd3-cbl07)
    · Connecting cable matching SD2 and SD3 interface (sd3-cbl08)
    · Power cable for cigarette lighter socket (sd3-cbl09)
    · ISO 1 extension line (sd3-cbl10)
    · ISO 2 extension line (sd3-cbl11)
    · SD2 B-can adapter (sd3-cbl12)
    · USB cable
    · 10 / 100 Mbps Ethernet crossover
    · SD3 wireless network card
    · SD3 Manual 1
    · SD3 quick guide
    · CD-ROM installation disk
    · 8 metal connection points for multimeter
    · PC USB / wireless network card

    .Tool warranty period is 3 years. We also provide long-term technical service support.

    It can be interfaced to a PC containing the software required to update the ECU diagnostics software through one of the following lines:

    >> standard RS232C serial line
    >> USB serial line
    >> Ethernet 10/100Mbit network
    >> Ethernet Wireless 802.11b network

    For better efficiency and faster data transfer between the PC and the SD3 unit, we suggest you use the USB line or an Ethernet/Wireless network for communications.


    To install the Basic SD3NET software on the PC, proceed as follows:

    1. Power the the PC where the program has to be installed;
    2. Insert the program CD supplied with the SD3 in the CD drive.
    3. If the user has enabled The AUTORUN function on the CD drive, the installation wizard will launch automatically ; in this case go to point 7, otherwise continue the procedure below;
    4. Using your mouse, double-click on MY COMPUTER;
    5. When the computer resources window opens Double-click on the CD icon where the SD3NET program has been inserted ;
    6. The window of The Double-A website Opens the Showing of The Clicking the Contents of the CD of The Double the ON The The The the SETUP.EXE the Installation of the Click of The Wizard Will now the RUN; ..
    7. The window of The displayed for the BE A of The Will of The Language of The Selection of During Program Installing to use.
    8. The installation wizard displays a start window. Click on NEXT to continue;
    9. You will be prompted to install Microsoft Framework NET 1.1 (if It is not present). Always confirm and proceed with installation;
    10. You are asked to name The directory in which the program will be installed (we recommend leaving the default setting). Click on NEXT to continue;
    11. You are asked to The Directory in Which the DATA name The Program Will BE Installed (WE Recommend Leaving Setting The default) Continue to the Click the NEXT ON;.
    . 12. The window of The Last Gives A Summary of The Previous Selections The Press and the NEXT COPYING The Program System Soho starts to your PC.
    13. When the installation has terminated you will be asked to reboot your PC. This is essential for the program to operate correctly;
    14. When the PC has been rebooted, the SD3NET? icon will appear on the desktop.



    The SD3 Diagnostics System has an integrated multimeter that can take measurements in Volts (up to 200 V dc) and Ohms (up to 1 Mohm). This function can be selected from the SD3 Tester main menu.

    on-volatile memory of the SD3 unit. The SD3 is equipped with a battery-powered clock which can Be set and checked on the PC through a special software menu.


    The System Supplied containing in the SD3 Diagnostic Suitcase.

    Packing List:

    1. The SD3 Tester
    2. Serial Cable for the SD3 / SD2 are Connection to the PC (the SD3-CBL01) [095 970 327]
    3. Multimeter Cable (the SD3-CBL02) [095 970 328]
    4. Power supply feeder (SD3-CBL05) [095970331]
    5. EOBD SD3 diagnosis cable (SD3-CBL06) [095970332]
    6. Diagnosis cable with SD2 bridle ( SD3-CBL07) [095970333]
    7. Connection cable for feeding Among SD2 and SD3 bridle (SD3-CBL08) [095970334]
    8. Cigar lighter socket feeder (SD3-CBL09) [095970335]
    9. ISO 1 extension (SD3 -CBL10) [095970336]
    10. ISO 2 extension (SD3 -CBL11) [095970337]
    11. SD2 B-CAN adapter (SD3-CBL12)
    12. USB cable [095970330]13. 10/100 Mbps Ethernet cross-over cable [095970329]
    13. SD3 wireless board; SD3 Manual [095970324] with 475 Resource CD
    14. SD3 Quick Reference Installation CD-ROM Software [095970326]8
    15. Metal-point rods For Multimeter
    16. Tablet PC USB/Wireless board

    17.User’s Manual and Getting Started Guide
    18.Power Module and Re-charger

    Please note this is ready to go work just plug and play.
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