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FERRARI & MASERATI SD3 Auto Diagnostic System Software v2020.01 With Engine,Gearbox,ECU,ABS, EPB, SRS,TPMS USB line or an Ethernet/Wireless communications Network

Brand Name : SD3 AutoTools
Model Number : SD3 
Certification : CE
Place of Origin : United Kingdom 
MOQ : 1 Pieces
Supply Ability : 5000 Unit/Set
Delivery Time : 2 to 5 Working Days
Packaging Details : Single flight case ,double flight case ,exported carton. It’s all up to customer’s requirements.
Payment Terms : T/T , Western Union , MoneyGram
Color : silver
Type : Engine Analyzer
Operating system:- : Runs on Windows CE, a robust, real-time
Microprocessor:- : 80 MHz Hitachi® SH3
Applicable Models : For FERRARI & MASERATI Tester Tool
Memory Internal Flash :- : 32MB
Display :- : 1/4 VGA (240 by 320 pixels) color, 3.5 in. (8.9 cm) transflective display with touch screen, Anti-glare coated
System Card :- : 32 1 GB secure digital card
Warranty : Accepted 12 Months with Six Month Replacement
Replacement : 6 Months
Available:- : In Stock Ready For Shipment
RAM : In 32 MBstock
Full Refund::- : Accepted
Voltage:- : 12 V
Power : 9 W
Weight :- : Approximately 1.65 lb. (0.75kg) with battery
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    FERRARI & MASERATI SD3 Auto Diagnostic System Software v2020.01 With Engine,Gearbox,ECU,ABS, EPB, SRS,TPMS USB line or an Ethernet/Wireless communications Network

    FERRARI / MASERATI SD3 Diagnostic Tester System is supplied with a suitcase containing:

    Specification .:
    Brand: Ferrari OBD Interface: CAN, EOBD, OBD, OBDII
    Vehicle Type: Passenger Vehicle Supported System: Engine, Gearbox, ABS, EPB, SRS, TPMS
    Country/Region of Manufacture: Italy Type: Diagnostic

    Ferrari Maserati SD3 SD2 Scan Tool

    There is NO timer with this unit, which means this can be used for unlimited amount of time

    The laptop works with both SD3 and SD2

    If you work on Ferrari’s or Maserati’s this is the PERFECT opportunity for you.

    This is a Factory Ferrari/Maserati SD3 SD2 Scan Tool

    This unit comes with all cords, plug ins, laptop, unit, carry case, cd’s, manuals.

    If you have any questions about this or anything related to it, you may email us any time, or call me Directly on Skype:. txsgloobalstore 

    Upon Purchase there will be a required direct signature to insure you get your Scan Tool safely.

    It IS Also Equipped with :-three Standard RS232C Serial Lines;-SiX Standard ISO9141 / CARB / 2000 KEYWORD Serial Lines;-two Standard CAN Serial Lines Multimeter in Volts Operating Temperature Range (up to 200 V DC) and Ohm (up to 1 Mohm)
    Supported Model
    1. Cover SD2 / SD3 Until 2020
    2. 3200 GT (3200 GT)
    3. Ghibli (M157)
    4. Gransport (Gransport)
    5. GranTurismo (M145)
    6. GT (M138)
    7. Quattroporte (M139)
    8. Quattroporte (M156)
    9. Quattroporte MY (M139 MY)
    1. VCI-Diagnosis software
    2. Spare part catalogue
    3. Wiring diagram
    4. Service menu / Work hour menu
    5. Module location menu
    6. Diagnosis/Guide Function
    7. Live data / Coding
    8. Active/Special function
    9. Programming ( Immobilizer system need ON-Line Access account )

    It can be interfaced to a PC containing the software required to update the ECU diagnostics software through one of the following lines:-

    • Standard RS232C serial line
    • USB serial line
    • Ethernet 10/100Mbit network
    • Ethernet Wireless 802.11b network

    For better efficiency and faster data transfer between the PC and the SD3 unit, we suggest you use the USB line or an Ethernet/Wireless network for communications.



    The SD3 Diagnostics System has an integrated multimeter that can take measurements in Volts (up to 200 V dc) and Ohms (up to 1 Mohm). This function can be selected from the SD3 Tester main menu.

    Scantool OBD

    The SD3 Diagnostics System has an integrated Standard Scantool OBD software. This system makes it possible to automatically check for systems able to support the service (engine, shift, …). Once the control unit has been identified by the software, you can Check some parameters/errors supplied by the system itself.
    This function can be selected from the SD3 Tester main menu.

    Power supply voltage

    The SD3 requires a voltage between 8 and 16 V DC which is supplied either by the battery of the vehicle being tested or by the power supply provided with the product.

    Installation instructions for the SD3

    The SD3 does not require any installation; it only needs to be configured with the diagnostics software to be used. The downloaded software are stored in the non-volatile memory of the SD3 unit. The SD3 is equipped with a battery-powered clock which can Be set and checked on the PC through a special software menu.

    General Description

    The figures are provided a diagram of the upper part (containing the power supply and diagnostics connectors), front part of the SD3 unit (containing the display, keypad and ON light) and the lower part (containing a flap which provides access to the lower part Part Part Part Used to hook up an American PS2 keyboard for the PC, and two PCMCIA connectors used for any hardware expansions-eg flash expansions, Wireless card-through external boxes).

    The ten keys at the bottom of the screen are used to input data (numbers/letters) into the diagnostics software.

    The directional arrows and the TAB key feature function repetition if the key is held down continuously.
    In all menus, hold down “Switch” and “Esc” for 4 seconds to reset the SD3 Tester software. This speeds up restarting the device if the software crashes (the Tester does not respond to the keywords commands).

    The top holds the following :

    1. The Power Button:-
    2. · One 25-pin connector for power and serial diagnostics lines (on the power button side);
    3. · One 9-pin connector (male) for hook up to the PC (in the centre);
    4. · One 9-pin connector (female) for Multimeter inlet.
    5. · One Ethernet 10/100 Mbit connector.
    6. · One USB connector.
    7. · One Connector to hook up a CRT VGA monitor

    Self test

    To quickly check that the device is functional, connect the power supply (for example, with the cord And the mains power supply), press the power button and check that the led lights up. Within 20/30 seconds.

    The start icon appears on the display.

    The SD3 has a resettable fuse. If it is activated because of an internal fault or due to the external cabling,Wait a few minutes to allow it to reset. If, when you switch on the SD3, the display does not light up, wait a few minutes and repeat the procedure.

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