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EHS900 Electro Hydraulic 900kg Lift

900kg Electro-Hydraulic Scissor Lift

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    EHS900 Electro Hydraulic 900kg Lift


    The EHS900 is a seriously heavy-duty professional quality Electro-Hydraulic lift which will deal with the largest bikes you can throw at it. The EHS900 motorcycle lift is powered by an integral Electro-Hydraulic pump with a handheld pendant control switch – there is no separate pump unit taking up valuable workshop space.

    Drop-down wheel access panels both front and rear provide total flexibility for front and rear wheel removable. The front drop-down panel can be fitted with our quick-release automatic wheel clamp – this can be quickly dropped out of the way for front wheel removal. The included bolt-on side trays are ideal for holding parts and tools while you work. Best of all this 900kg leviathan is available at an affordable price.

    The EHS900 Electro-Hydraulic lift plugs in to a normal 3-pin mains socket and is operated via a convenient handheld pendant control switch. Simply position the lift in a suitable area, plug it in and the lift is ready to go! For more information don’t hesitate to give us a call!

    Features include:

    • Integral  Electro-Hydraulic pump
    • Drop down rear wheel section
    • Drop down front wheel section
    • Automatic descent locking
    • Removable loading ramp
    • Handheld control switch
    • Foot operated safety lock release